Handwheel For my saw

My Kalamazoo saw is variable speed, but it had no adjustment wheel when I got it…I bet we can remedy that!

This is where the adjusment wheel belongs…SawHandwheel_01

I think there is a hand wheel hiding in this bar of aluminumSawHandwheel_02

Cut off a piece for us to useSawHandwheel_03

Face off both ends square and parallelSawHandwheel_04

A trick I picked up somewhere…use your parallels to position short pieces in your lathe chuck to keep everything squareSawHandwheel_05

Drill a center hole to ensure that the drill does not walk when startingSawHandwheel_06

Drill to the required depth, it does not go all the way thruSawHandwheel_07

Turn down the hub, this is where the set screw will go to hold it onto the shaftSawHandwheel_09

I had to drink a Coke to get the can…it makes great shim stock!SawHandwheel_10

I used the shim to protect the finish on the partSawHandwheel_11

UhOh! I wanted to knurl the knob, but my knurling tool is not big enough!SawHandwheel_12

My other knurl will not get the job done either!!! Oh well, looks like I have something else to buy! Will have to leave the wheel unfinished for nowSawHandwheel_13

Moving over the the mill, drill and tap the hole for the set screw whick will hold the wheel onto the shaftSawHandwheel_14

Now it is starting to look like something! Sure would look better with a nice knurled patternSawHandwheel_15

Fits like a glove and works like it is supposed to…now on to the tooling catalog to purchase a bigger knurl!SawHandwheel_16

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