Rotary Table Clamps


Had a recent project where I needed not only to do some inside/outside clamping without disturbing the setup…

…but also needed to “extend” the surface of my rotary table. After some careful thought, I came up with this solution.

I started with aluminum flat barRotaryTableHoldDowns_001

The center hole is to hold down to the rotary table. I offset the hole to allow both short and long clamps to be used depending on the part shape/sizeRotaryTableHoldDowns_002

We need to flush mount the “extenders” to the table, so we use a countersunk screwRotaryTableHoldDowns_003┬áThe other two holes will be used for the hold down stud for a standard T-Slot clamp setup.

I like to use a spotting drill to make sure the hole is where I intend it to beRotaryTableHoldDowns_004

Then we drillRotaryTableHoldDowns_005

Did I mention I love working with aluminum? A little WD-40 and we use the machine to run the tapRotaryTableHoldDowns_006

All thats left is to bolt the extenders to the rotary table…this is the way I needed them for this project…but they are designed to be very flexible in useRotaryTableHoldDowns_007

here I am using the clamps to hold a 9 inch part on a 10 inch table on the outside, to allow work on the inside diameterRotaryTableHoldDowns_007

In addition to extending the size of the table, once I get the part where I want it, I can move the clamps one at a time without disturbing the setup. Now I can work on the outside diameterRotaryTableHoldDowns_008

I can also use various configurations to clamp a really large piece to the tableRotaryTableHoldDowns_009

I really like how these turned out and they serve thier purpose very well

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