A grasshopper is a welders helper…

…it is used to hold down small pieces for welding and to transfer the ground connection from the table to the part reliably..

Lets start by sharpening some 1/4 round stock we had lying aroundGrasshopper_00

Use the shop built press brake to bend the ends of the sharpened rods

The press makes easy work of the bending

Make three…Grasshopper_05

Found some 1 1/4 stock buried out behind the shop…it has the weight we need, just needs a little cleanupGrasshopper_06

Here are the parts we need…lets get them welded togetherGrasshopper_07

Use our handy-dandy welding magnets to get the alignment correctGrasshopper_09

Weld the legs to the body…Grasshopper_10

Viola! A grasshopper…for small pieces, just lay them on the welding table and set the grasshopper on…the weight holds the pieces steady and the sharp points transfers a good solid ground.Grasshopper_11


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