Parts Cabinet Stand


I picked up a new parts cabinet and now I need to get it off if the floor to a better working height…

Here is what it looks like on the floor…a little too low for me!PartsCabinetSupport_01

I got the measurements of the bottom of the cabinet and wrote them down, along with a cutting list for the legs and frame.PartsCabinetSupport_02

All of the pieces (8) cut to lengthPartsCabinetSupport_03

Going to use my Kreg pocket hole jig and glue to make this a fast strong build that I can use right away.PartsCabinetSupport_04

The end grain really soaks up the glue, gotta be generous.PartsCabinetSupport_06

This is how the pocket screws work…long screw at a shallow angle and hidden on the inside of the joint. It really pulls the joint together.PartsCabinetSupport_05

The clamp hold the joint in alignment while we drive the first screw.PartsCabinetSupport_07

Ready for action, took less than 1/2 hour.PartsCabinetSupport_08

Here it is under the cabinet, I think it turned out good and should last forever!PartsCabinetSupport_09


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