Shop Made Knurling Tool


When I was finishing up the saw handwheel, I realized my knurling too would not knurl something as big as 2 inches, so I set out to build one that would…

Found a piece of 3/4″ steel bar on the shelf that might work. This is the old knurling tool, which was gracious enough to donate its knurls to the project

I kind of had an idea of what I wanted it to look likeKnurl_02

Off to the band saw to cut out the piecesKnurl_03

Machining all sides flat and parallelKnurl_04

Milling the slots for the knurlsKnurl_05

This is the hole for the knurl axleKnurl_06

Pressed in the pins that hold the knurls. Test fit was very good!Knurl_07

Milling the slots for the clamp, everything pivots so we make a slot instead of a holeKnurl_08

This will serve as the bottom clamp pin and one of the pivot points, it will be cut to 3/4 inch in length to match the thickness of the bodyKnurl_09

After cutting the pin, we need to face the edges flat in the latheKnurl_10

Almost there…the round hole on the sides will hold the pivot pin, the top hole is for the clamp screw. There are two of these, they are identicalKnurl_11

Here is the top pin, the bottom pin was threaded to recieve the clamp screw, the top pin has a flat milled to give the clamp screw a good bearing surfaceKnurl_12

Countersink the mounting holes to use some good looking flat socket head cap screwsKnurl_13

The finished piece…I think it looks good! Lets try it out…Knurl_14

Throw in a piece of 2 inch stock and lets see her work…you can see the top of the clamp screw that is used to tighten the knurl during operation. The spring is used to keep the arms apart to make setup easierKnurl_15

It did a great job if I must say so myself…I also made it adjustable for smaller stock…now to get that speed adjust handle for the band saw and knurl it!Knurl_16

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