Cutting Oil Can

Lots of people who do machine work have their favorite way of applying cutting oil…some use tin cans, some use special “no-spill” plastic containers…

I looked into the plastic “no-spill” ones and didn’t like the fact that the hole to put your brush back in was pretty small, you have to aim well to keep from fraying (a word?!?) your brush bristles. I wanted to go easy and simple…In my mind, a tomato paste can was the ideal size and shape to hold my cutting oil and application brush.


I bought some high power magnets to glue to the bottom so I would not knock the can over…I wanted to use the can right away and decided I would not use the magnets unless I had to, as I didnt think I would spill the can…well about the third time I knocked the can to the floor and spilled the contents, I decided to glue on of he magnets to the bottom of the can…I used some epoxy and let it dry overnight.

The next day I found that the magnet was so strong and smooth that it squeezed all of the epoxy out! No bond at all! After a few minutes of thought an idea hit me, just drop the magnets in the can!CuttingOilCan_02

Not only does it make the can near impossible to knock over (it snaps right back), it capture all of the debris and chips that get in the brush from normal use. It has been a week or so and I still have not knocked it over, though I have accidently hit it a few times, it refuses to fall over!


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